TikTok: Check out the viral video of Nabs’ bump drop

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

A pregnant woman Nabs made a post about her bump drop that is still viral on TikTok, even after she delivered the baby.

The concept of baby drop seems to blow a lot of people’s minds and they are all coming together to share their pregnancy stories in comments and reveling in the fact that no matter how much you know about pregnancy, you will always be learning more and more about it.

Meaning of “Baby drop”

According to the website of Medical News Today, –

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Baby dropping is when a baby’s head moves lower down into the pelvis ready for labor. It usually happens towards the end of the third trimester of pregnancy.

It is also called lightening. When the baby drops, it is considered as a sign that the baby is almost ready to be born. Before this happens, the baby may rotate and then drop down into the pelvis ready to get out. When the baby settles in the pelvic region, the doctors say that it is engaged and start preparing to deliver.

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TikToker Nabs’ viral video and comments

You can check out the above video that went viral. Even the user was shocked and added the caption “Can NOT believe I caught this”.

She caught the beginning of the drop and then showed us how it looked like 2 days later when the drop seems to have finished. The difference in both “before” and “after” is quite something and to think that this change happened within 48 hours is astonishing.

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The video has garnered more than 700k likes, 2k comments, and 8k reshares. You can see users commenting the following –

“Pregnancy just continues to terrify me”

“Every day I realize I literally know nothing about pregnancy”

“Every day I am reaffirmed that pregnancy is not for me”

“I have 4 kids…. and have NEVER caught that moment. that was so cool. thanks for sharing”

“Thank u for my birth control reminder, it’s beautiful but so scary”

The comments ranged from positive enthusiasm, hilarious, to indifference. But the majority viewers felt blessed to have watched this happen. What are your thoughts though? Share them in the comments below!