TikTok: What is the Slip and Slide Kickball Challenge? And how to do it!

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This new TikTok challenge has proven to be a great laugh. In this article, we explore what the Slip and Slide Kickball challenge is and how you can get involved too.

What is TikTok’s Slip and Slide Kickball Challenge?

The Slip and Slide Kickball Challenge is very similar to rounders, whereby mini pools act as the posts, and the slip and slide between them is the running route. Another difference is that rather than using a bat, most tend to kick a ball.

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Slip and slide kickball 😝🍻

♬ Lalala – Y2K & bbno$

Some of our favourite TikToks


Day 2: Slip N Slide KICKBALL!! tag @coreyfunk #fyp #adventure #summer #foryou

♬ original sound – SetWillFree

Bloopers of Slip and slide kickball. Don’t let it flop! Follow for more! #slipandslide #slipandslidekickball #fyp #foryoupage @whitney_steele09


What you need to make your own

Now that summer is quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to prepare for a game like this!

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Here is a list of what you will need to complete the Slip and Slide Kickball Challenge:

  1. LOTS of washing up liquid – and I mean bottles of the stuff to make it extra slippy 😉
  2. Four or five mini paddling pools (depending on how many ‘posts’ you want)
  3. A hose – for the pools and slip and slide. It can also be used to spray some of the players during the game for an extra challenge!
  4. A slip and slide – plastic sheeting or big bin liners will also do the trick
  5. A ball – Can be a softball or a beach ball, it’s up to you
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Pretty simple huh? So what are you waiting for?!