TikTok: Vitamin C challenge – does it really work?


TikTokers are testing the theory that Vitamin C lowers body tolerance levels in a new TikTok trend.

Users are taking part in the viral Vitamin C challenge, testing if it really does boost an individual’s high.

What is the Vitamin C challenge on TikTok?

TikTok users are drinking or intaking Vitamin C before smoking Cannabis in an attempt to reduce their tolerance to the substance – essentially boosting their high.

Some users claim that it is either a placebo effect or simply doesn’t work. Whereas, others are certain that it does the trick and has allowed them to get higher.

The trend initially began in January and has since circulated around TikTok – users are still taking part in it today.

Likewise, some TikTok users claim that the Vitamin C challenge is similar to the theory that eating a Mango before smoking can also boost your high.

Does the Vitamin C TikTok challenge actually work?

Although this is subject to debate, the majority of users who have tested the challenge out have concluded that it does not work.

One Reddit user mentioned that it’s unlikely that anything can reduce substance tolerance in a short amount of time. The only proven way to reduce tolerance is to avoid smoking for a long period of time.

Though Vitamin C might not be useful when smoking, it has some other great proven benefits: including boosting immunity, correcting skin tone and preventing iron definicies.

Examples of the Vitamin C challenge

Take a look at these TikTokers testing out the Vitamin C theory: