TikTok: Are Mike and Kat Stickler divorcing? Couple address rumours!

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Rumours that Kat and Mike Stickler have been circulating on the Internet, and fans are hoping it’s a prank. Are Mike and Kat Stickler divorcing?

After the ACE family, more and more couples have been sharing their journey online and creating a brand together. Mike and Kat Stickler have 5.4 million followers on their TikTok page dedicated to their life with their baby. The account was named after the pair, but the username has changed to just “Kat Stickler” after the divorce rumours.

Who are TikTok’s Mike and Kat Stickler?

Mike Stickler is a 25-year-old content creator born on January 6th, 1996.

Apart from making videos on social media with his wife, Mike is part of the Christian band “Radiant Worship.”

He also maintains a Fiverr account where he sells original music for a small fee. Mike is very religious and has credited God for bringing him and Kat together.

Kat Stickler is a 26-year-old content creator born on October 31t, 1995 in Miami Florida.

The couple started dating in 2019 and in a span of three months they got married and found out they were having a baby. In December 2019 they welcomed their daughter Mary-Katherine.


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The Sticklers have been open about how unconventional their relationship was to others and their fans are very supportive of the pair and consider them couple goals.

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They are known for their hilarious pranks to each other on TikTok and YouTube, from Kat checking other guys on Instagram to Mike selling his wife’s car to buy an older one, but really bought her an SUV.

Are Mike and Kat Stickler getting a divorce? 

The divorce rumours for the Sticklers starting when the couple’s username changed from “Mike and Kat” to “Kat Stickler.”

The confirmation of their separation came from the couple itself on TikTok.

“We just wanted to come on here and address some of the rumours about Michael and I being separated. Unfortunately, they are true, we are separating and we just wanted to be transparent with you guys, because you guys have been with us since the beginning of this whole journey,” Kat announced in tears with Mike standing next to her.

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She continued: “we both have love and respect for each other, and we are totally committed to co-parenting MK to the best of our abilities.”

Mike jumped in to clarify that Kat is not at fault for the divorce: “there are a lot of things that in need to work on in my own life and get in order,” he revealed.

Fans share their responses on social

The pair asked for privacy and respect while they’re navigating their divorce.

Fans didn’t see this coming and they were hoping that it’s just another prank of the couple, but from what it looks like it’s, unfortunately, a real thing.