Meet the face of Hashtag Hyena on TikTok: Claudia Komini!

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Hashtag Hyena has an official TikTok account and after a lot of research, we found the best TikToker to represent our brand.

Meet the Hashtag Hyena TikToker: Here’s everything you need to know about Claudia Komini!


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Who is Claudia Komini?

Claudia Komini is a 19-year-old TikToker. She was born and raised in Greece but moved to the UK a couple of months ago to attend university.

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Claudia is a Management and Leadership first-year student, but her passions are modelling and social media 🤳.

Claudia is TikTok’s Hashtag Hyena

The Hashtag Hyena TikToker is always up to date with TikTok and knows most of the dances by heart. Performing is one of her biggest passions, whether that is dancing, acting or DJing.

Claudia’s friends claim that she’s the best DJ and her music choices get everyone on the dance floor. Saying home is something almost impossible for Claudia as she is a very social and active person.

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Where is she from?

According to Claudia, the biggest challenge she had to face was leaving her family in Greece to pursue her dreams. She is very close to her family and living so far away from them is sometimes unbearable, Claudia opens up.

The beautiful young girl was asked to cast for Greece’s Next Top Model 2019 TV series, but she declined the offer as she was still in high school back then 😲.

Is Claudia single?

When asked what’s the most important thing in her life, Claudia always answers with teary eyes “Tyson!”. Tyson is Claudia’s be-loved dog that lives with her parents in Athens. “He is the sweetest pit bull that exists”, Claudia states.

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Claudia is currently in a relationship with a very special guy as she shyly asserts 🥰.

Follow her on @thehashtaghyena TikTok account, where she posts dances, challenges and lip-syncs on a daily basis.