Is Morgan Bradley aka @morganthef4g on TikTok a pedophile?

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Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

A TikTok user named Morgan Bradley who goes by the username @morganthef4g is rumored to be a pedophile. Here’s the truth about him.

Scroll below to where we tell you who he is and explore if he really is a pedophile or not.

Who is @morganthef4g on TikTok?

Morgan Bradley is a popular TikToker with 84k followers on his account. His account is private which is why you won’t be able to see his content and analyze if he is a pedophile or not.

He mostly posts dance videos and for that, he has gained about 3.5 million likes in total. Morgan is a very private person and no personal information has been found on him. His username does not help in revealing their other social media accounts.

The followers of Morgan have reported that he is a binary person who prefers the pronouns they/them.

Morgan is assumed to be in the age range of 18 to 25 years old. There are no photos of them available so it is hard to point his exact age. But they are definitely in their teens or in early twenties.

Don’t try to find Morgan yourself on Instagram as there is an account with the same username but there are photos of a teenage girl so it is highly unlikely that they are the same person.

We have checked Twitter for you as well and Morgan cannot be found there. So this is all the information we have on them.

Is Morgan Bradly a Pedophile?

We have searched but there seems to be no evidence of them being a pedophile. But there are a lot of hints and replies that suggests that they are a pedophile.

For example, the user @ur4liferbaby has posted only one video in their account in which they have put up an anime girl picture who has a belt tied around her neck. The caption tags Morgan and says “don’t leave us hanging pedo” with the hashtags ew and gross.


@morganthef4g don’t leave us hanging pedo #ew #gross

♬ my favs used this sound hehe – edits n stuff

Then another user @simp4whitegirlss has posted a video crudely saying that Morgan is a pedophile.

Conclusion is that there is no real evidence that Morgan Bradley is a pedophile. You will have to follow him and check out his videos and let us know in the comments below.