Hot Chip Challenge Tiktok: Things to Know

hot chip

The hot chip challenge is also known as the one chip challenge. This is a spice tolerance test that Paqui introduced after creating the world’s hottest chip from Carolina Reaper peppers. 

This hottest chip is individually packaged and sealed to keep it fresh. It is then placed in a coffin-shaped box with a grim reaper picture to signify your death if you decide to eat it. But really, no one has died yet after eating the chip. 

How to prepare for the hot chip challenge?

1. Wear gloves.

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The chip is very powdery, so the last thing you want is to touch your eyes with your hands covered with it. Although the collectors’ box included gloves, the single-chip does not, so you should prepare gloves before the challenge.

2. Make sure your stomach isn’t empty.

Eat something before the challenge. A spicy food eater suggests drinking some milk or consuming virgin olive oil with some bread, or a sandwich can help you prepare.

3. Mentally prepare yourself.

Condition yourself that the hot chip is not among those ordinary spicy foods. Doing so, you won’t be surprised by the spice levels.

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What foods can help cool your mouth after eating the hottest chip?

1. Dairy

Milk-based products contain a casein protein that acts as detergents that wash away capsaicin, an active component of chili peppers. Opt for whole milk or full-fat sour cream, or yogurt to do the trick.

2. Vinegar

You can rinse your mouth with vinegar to relieve hot pepper burn. Acetic acid neutralizes the alkalinity of capsaicin.

3. Sugar

Let a small spoonful of sugar granules sit for a bit in the mouth. This will help lessen cool the mouth.

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4. Peanut butter

Oil-based items can help neutralize capsaicin heat.

What are the diseases that will excuse you from the hot chip challenge?

1. Heartburn

Spicy foods slow digestion and irritate the esophagus. These are risk factors for heartburn.

2. Ulcer/ Acute gastritis

There’s no evidence that spicy foods sore formed ulcers, but it indeed causes abdominal discomfort.

3. Acne break out

Spicy foods are skin irritants and can aggravate bad skin conditions. 

4. Diarrhea

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Diarrhea is the gut’s response to spicy food as it tries to get rid of capsaicin quickly. Better not to do the challenge if you’re having runs already. 

6. Sore throat

Spicy food can add irritation to your sore throat. 

The chip is available for purchase onĀ Amazon. Each package contains a singular chip and costs $4.99.