Here’s how to do the TikTok’s hand gesture for help

Screenshot from TikTok @zitingcool

A teen from Kentucky was rescued after she was spotted doing TikTok’s hand gesture for help in a video. You can learn how to do the gesture below.

What is TikTok’s hand gesture for help?

According to Whas11, this hand gesture was made popular recently because it saved a girl in Kentucky who was found with a 61-year-old man. She had been reported missing from North Carolina.

This signal for help is an international sign that has become popular in the pandemic so that women can report domestic abuse discreetly and get help.

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The Canadian Women’s Foundation released a “Signal for help” in 2020. All you have to do to send the signal is place your thumb inside the palm of your hand and then wrap your other fingers around the thumb in a fist. That’s the signal for help.

During the pandemic, if you are living with a person in close quarters who is abusing you, it would be very difficult to get the word out.

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So you can use the signal on any video call while casually talking about something else. This way you can ask for help without arousing suspicion of the perpetrator.

This is a sign every woman should know so that they can use it and recognize it when someone else uses it. If you see someone using it on a video call or in person, make sure to call the authorities immediately and keep the person on the call.

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You can let them lead the conversation and see if they happen to mention how they want help. They may not always want the authorities involved so assess the situation carefully before making the call.

Spread awareness in your community so that when someone uses the signal, they can be helped immediately. Check out this video in which the victim uses the signal properly and yet couldn’t be helped because the others did not understand the meaning or recognize the signal.

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