Snapchat: Why the Warmer V3 filter was removed – can you still get it?


All over social media people have been talking about the Snapchat filter ‘warmer v3’, Snapchat has now permanently removed the filter from being downloaded – find out why below!

Twitter has been overloaded with people warning others about downloading the warmer v3 Snapchat filter with some users finding it funny and others finding it inappropriate.

Snapchat has now permanently removed the filter so it can no longer be downloaded, but what was so bad about it?

Warmer v3 filter explained

At first glance, the new Snapchat filter seemed pretty boring but as you activated the filter it would tell users to put a thumbs up to the screen.

When users did make the thumbs-up action, unexpected pornographic images would appear on the screen to many users’ surprise!

This led to people pranking their friends by telling them to download the filter with them unknowing of what was going to happening.

Some people are even requesting a part two

Why was it deleted?

If you wanted to try the filter for yourself or to prank someone you are too late!

Snapchat has removed the filter as it is against their community guidelines which say they โ€œProhibit accounts that promote or distribute pornographic content.โ€

All that comes up now when you try to download the filter is Snapchats cheeky ‘nothing to see here’ message.

Twitter found it hilarious!

Despite the filter breaking community guidelines and being a little bit naughty people on Twitter managed to see the funny side of it while it was still active!

You can always rely on Twitter to see the funny side of things!