Instagram: 40 best flirty captions for singles

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Here’s a collection of flirty lines that will come in handy as captions for your couple photos posts on Instagram.

You can also use it if you are single to send some flirty signals to the singles in the “area”.

Best flirty one-liners for couples

  1. You always pop up in my 3am thoughts.
  2. You give me the kind of feeling people write novels about.
  3. There’s nothing in the world that I hate doing more than waiting. But if it’s waiting for you, I’ll gladly do it without any complaints.
  4. God made mud.. God made dirt.. God made guys so girls can flirt.
  5. What time do you have to be back in heaven?
  6. You’re like a fine wine. The more I get to know you, the better you taste.
  7. My heart’s mine, but whenever we argue, it ends up taking your side.
  8. My heart is all yours. Heck, you can have my ass too.
  9. Did the sun just come out or did you just smile at me?
  10. If you fall in love with me, I’m not responsible for any damages. Consider yourself warned.
  11. I can’t read lips unless they are touching mine.
  12. Do you need a place to stay? My heart is open for you.
  13. Yup, what you’re experiencing right now is love at first sight.
  14. Guess what I’m thinking about right now? You.
  15. It’s not my fault that I fell for you, you tripped me!
  16. You’re the reason I can smile like this.
  17. That awkward moment when your crush mistakes your kindness for flirting.
  18. The only reason I learned how to flirt is to woo you.
  19. There’s so much to say but your eyes keep interrupting me.
  20. I don’t know whether to kiss you or slap you.
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Funny flirty captions for Instagram

  1. I’m not sure if you’re my type, but I want to make out with you.
  2. You don’t even have to ask. The answer is yes!
  3. I’m just one call away from a good time.
  4. Stolen kisses are always sweetest.
  5. Just say the word and I’m yours.
  6. I’m 100% single just for you.
  7. When you say I’m cute, but my bf is still better looking.
  8. What am I doing in your inappropriate thoughts right now?
  9. Even if I don’t see you, I will never lose sight of you in my mind.
  10. I want to be your favorite stranger.
  11. Girl, aren’t you tired? You’ve been running in my heart all day.
  12. You’re going to be scrolling through my feed for hours, I promise. #worthit
  13. Are you wondering what you’re missing in your life? Me.
  14. If you don’t wanna have kids with me, then why don’t we just practice?
  15. God was showing off when He created you.
  16. I’m not into you, but I’ll let you think that.
  17. I’m not always a savage but when I am, I prefer to be flirty.
  18. Thinking of you is my favorite part of the day.
  19. If we were together right now, what would we be doing?
  20. I’m not sure what I like more, your eyes or the way they look at me.