Instagram: 50 funny captions for all occasions of 2021

markus winkler cP sCHhw unsplash
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Instagram posts are always in a need of funny & witty captions, especially for couple photos. You can’t be all romantic all the time, right?

So here is a great collection of 2021, full of humor that will impress your friends and fans.

Random funny captions for Instagram photos

  1. Wine + dinner = winner
  2. They say: Do what you love and the money will come to you. Just ordered pizza, now I am waiting…
  3. What do you call an owl that does magic tricks? Hoodini.
  4. Dear sleep: thanks for trying, but you can’t beat surfing the net.
  5. Maybe if we tell people the brain is an app, they will start using it.
  6. Even I don’t believe myself when I say I’ll be ready in five minutes.
  7. I just wanna spend the rest of my life laughing.
  8. How do I feel when there is no coffee? Depresso.
  9. I know the voices in my head aren’t real… but sometimes their ideas are just absolutely awesome!
  10. Lies I tell myself: Just one more cookie. Just one more minute. Yet… I wouldn’t call them lies!
  11. Be strong, I whispered to my WiFi signal.
  12. Today is one of those days that even my coffee needs a coffee.
  13. I like hashtags because they look like waffles.
  14. I’m on a seafood diet. When I see food, I eat it.
  15. If there would be an award for being lazy, I would send someone to pick it up for me.
  16. When I wanna Ice cream, ICE cream it
  17. Common sense is like deodorant. The people who need it most never use it!
  18. I’m not crazy I prefer the term mentally hilarious.
  19. I don’t care what people think of me. Mosquitos find me attractive!
  20. A cop pulled me over and told me Papers, so I said Scissors, I win! And drove off.

Puns and witty captions for couples in 2021

  1. Facebook should have a limit on how many times you can change your relationship status. After 3 it should default to “Unstable”.
  2. Sometimes I look at my boyfriend and think… Damn, he is one lucky man.
  3. Good thing I brought my library card because I’m totally checking you out.
  4. I love you so much I’d fight a bear for you. Well, not a grizzly bear because they have claws, and not a panda bear because they know Kung Fu. But a carebear, I’d definitely fight a carebear for you.
  5. No one will ever be as entertained by us as us.
  6. I am trying not to think about you but it’s not working.
  7. Every day I fall in love with you more and more. Except for yesterday… yesterday you were pretty annoying.
  8. You are the risk I’ll always take.
  9. You simply cannot do epic things with boring people
  10. Relationships are like a walk in the park. Jurassic Park.
  11. We go together like hot sauce and everything.
  12. Always follow your heart, but remember to bring your brain along!
  13. “An archaeologist is the best husband any woman can have; the older she gets, the more interested he is in her.” – Agatha Christie
  14. I love you more than pizza, and that’s saying a lot.
  15. Thank you, Tinder.
  16. You add meaning to my life and yet, you subtract some cash from my wallet.
  17. A relationship is when one person is always right and the other person is the boyfriend.
  18. He stole my heart so I’m planning revenge… I am going to take his last name.
  19. My prince is not coming on a white horse… he’s obviously riding a turtle somewhere, really confused.
  20. I love you with all my belly. I would say heart, but my belly is bigger.