44 amazing Senior Sunday Instagram captions for 2022!

Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash

Senior Sunday has been spiraling social media as Seniors show off their best pictures, graduates now need Instagram captions for 2022!

Everyone knows how to upload a brilliant Senior year photo, but what about the caption for social media?

Continue reading to find out what Senior Sunday is all about and how you can use the best Instagram captions for 2022!

What is Senior Sunday?

Senior year, sometimes referred to as 12th grade or grade 12, is the final year of secondary school in most of North America.

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A traditional graduation event occurs towards the end of the school year which involves seniors formerly graduating from high school as they receive their diplomas.

Senior Sunday allows people to show off their senior pictures on social media – paired with fantastic captions!

This trend has become a fun way to share what you’re up to with your friends and family.

Popular Instagram hashtag, #seniorsunday, currently has 3 million posts.

Social media users have also taken the trend over to TikTok to flaunt their professional-style images along with their trendy captions!

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The hashtag, #seniorsunday, is also popular on TikTok with 2.5 million views.

44 amazing Senior Sunday Instagram Captions 2021!

Here are 15 of Hashtag Hyena’s fave Instagram captions – feel free to copy!

  • “Peace out high school✌️”
  • “Senior year is over, see you never!”
  • “Dear homework, you will not be missed!”
  • “Shout out to senior year for providing me with the best experiences.”
  • “Thankful for everything, except homework.”
  • “Education matters, but this Senior Sunday caption matters more.”
  • “Gonna grab my diploma and go!”
  • “Posting these senior pictures meant more than my grades TBH…”
  • “Time to graduate!”
  • “Oh no. I’ve heard graduation means I should start maturing…”
  • “I would like to say thanks to my teachers, and my bestie for taking this awesome senior pic.”
  • “Here’s to no more homework!”
  • “Thanks for the 8 am starts, high school.”
  • “Senior Sunday never looked better.”
  • “I heard this caption matters more than our grades…”
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User named @amyy_michelle included another seven fantastic ideas over on her TikTok account.

We have also gathered five amazing Senior Sunday captions from Pinterest.

  • “Stress doesn’t really go with my outfit.”
  • “High school looks so much cooler on TV.”
  • “This chapter of my life is called: Damn b*tch you sure you alright?!”
  • “Not all goodbyes are sad. Example: goodbye, school.”
  • “None of my assignments are done but I sure am.”
  • “Does this smile make me look like a senior?”
  • “Is it too late to be a freshman again?”
  • “It’s my first last day and I couldn’t be more excited!”
  • “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”— David Bowie
  • “This is the part where you find out who you are.” — The Maine, “Whoever She Is”
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However, it’s not just fancy phrases that can catch your followers’ eyes!

TikTok user, @theincrediblejabel, uploaded a funny version of the trend whereby he asked his viewers to comment their best senior quotes.

To summarise, below you can find five hilarious examples from the comment section.

User named @erinwalden8 commented a comical phrase stating:

“that wasn’t like high school musical at all”

Another user, @jhizzle_, jokingly responded with the quote:

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“my crocs have holes so my swag can breathe”

@grace_057 commented a hilarious joke:

“Waking up is the second hardest thing in the morning….”

@oiiiiiiguyyyysss responded with the caption:

“When the teacher said “don’t wait until the last minute to do this” I took that at a challenge, I still passed tho”

@daddykeish took inspiration from a song in her caption-example:

“That’s a wap… I meant a wrap”

Go ahead and use some of these Senior Sunday Instagram captions to show off your favourite Senior pictures!