Amber Heard’s deleted Instagram video goes viral!

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During these days of the ongoing Depp-Heard trial, every video and photo of Amber heard taken by fans have come up to the surface on Instagram and other social media sites.

One such video went viral recently in the last week of May 2022. Check out what that video was about and you will know why Amber Heard deleted the video.

Who is Amber Heard?

It is impossible in 2022 to not know about Amber Heard, the ex-wife of Johnny Depp who accused him of abuse. The ongoing media trial has received a lot of interest from all over the world and almost everyone unanimously hate Amber Heard for putting Johnny through so much trauma.

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Although she is the one who claimed to be abused by Johnny, there have been no evidence presented at all throughout the trial that he even laid a hand on her. Heard’s lawyers have tried to prove that Johnny was alcoholic and drug addict (which is a well-known fact) and tried to connect that addiction to abuse but they have failed.

Infact, there were several proof shown in the trial that proved that Amber was the one who abused Johnny. There are audio recordings, witness statements, etc. that show not only that she is lying about several things but that she is the abuser.

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She has been caught lying about writing the op-ed, about the abuse, about notifying TMZ to take her pictures when she filed for divorce and claimed domestic abuse, about donating the divorce money to the charities, etc.

The audience all over the world has seen her lie on and off stand so much that the verdict seems pretty straightforward.

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Amber Heard is an American actress known for her roles in Aquaman, Never back down, Drive Angry, and the Rum diary. But she is more known for this trial and we believe this is going to be her legacy than anything else.

Heard’s deleted Instagram post

Although Heard is very confident that public will believe whichever lie she comes up with, she has deleted some of her posts that could get her in trouble.

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Here is the video that Amber captioned “Sorry not sorry” on 24th February 2017 in Johnny’s Range Rover right after the divorce. We can see why Amber decided to delete this. It does not look like a video that a domestic abuse survivor would post. Let us know your thoughts and opinions about the trial in the comments below.