Instagram: How to turn on vanish mode on DM’s!

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The new Instagram update allows you to send messages which disappear after – here’s how to activate it on your chats!

New update alert to one of your favourite social media platforms: Instagram! They have been through quite a few changes recently: the introduction of reels, adding the ‘shop’ tab to the bottom of the screen and moving the activity button to the top right – definitely caused a lot of confusion.

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What is vanish mode?

Back in September 2020, Instagram announced that as well as enabling cross-messaging between Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM’s, they are introducing vanish mode, where your messages within a chat will be deleted as soon as you exit the DM – poof! Gone.

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Sounds similar to the hype of snapchat, where your snaps can only be seen for short time and then gone forever.

Although it was announced in September, the update only came to UK phones on December 9th.

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It will definitely come in handy if you never want anyone else to see those ugly selfie you sent to your friends!

How to turn on vanish mode

  1. First, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Instagram: version 168.0
  2. Go to the chat you want to enter vanish mode
  3. Swipe up in the DM and the screen will turn black – this means you have enabled vanish mode
  4. Go crazy – send whatever message or photo you want and it will not see the light of day!
  5. To exist vanish mode, you can swipe up again or click on the back arrow at the top left to leave the chat – the screen should have gone back to white
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Do people like vanish mode?

Judging from Twitter, most people do not like vanish mode because it means messages will be hidden, making it easier for cheaters to get away and hide their proof of unfaithfulness.