Why was TommyInnit banned on TikTok? #FreeTommy trends for Minecraft streamer

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Fans are taking it upon themselves to find out the real reason behind Tommyinnit being banned on TikTok.

The internet investigators (his fans) think they have a few theories as to why he got banned. Here’s Hashtag Heyna’s expert take on the drama.

Who is TommyInnit?

TommyInnit is a 16-year-old British boy who plays Minecraft and streams it on YouTube for his fanbase, which is over 6.5 million. He posts videos about video games and playing Minecraft with other creators and started on the streaming app Twitch before moving across to other platforms such as TikTok, where fans adore him for a funny personality.

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Recently, he had posted on Twitter to explain that he had been banned from TikTok for breaking community guidelines. TikTok’s guidelines are very specific and everyone knows what they can and can’t do on the ap and because of this Tommy and his fans were confused about why he got banned.

Why was TommyInnit banned on TikTok?

No-one is 100% sure why Tommy got banned. Although people know that it was from breaking a couple of TikTok’s community guidelines, a more specific reason has not been confirmed.

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Many of Tommy’s fans have now taken the matters into their own hands and are trying to figure out why he got banned.

Fans theories on Twitter

The first theory is related to another TikToker, @thatveganteacher, who is well known for her passion for animals and being vegan. She makes videos telling people off for eating animals and creates songs about KFC not being vegan – this one is called Kentucky fried chicken for a reason.

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@theveganteachers real name is Kadie Karen, and she is what TikTok creators all like to call a typical Karen.

Fans believe that she has something to do with Tommy getting banned from TikTok as in a previous video Kadie Karen posted a duet to one of his videos. After the post, Tommy’s fanbase started trolling her in all her comment sections.

Some fans now think because of the trolling she then reported Tommy’s account to get revenge. Her page has also been banned due to a breach of community guidelines and people think that she got banned for trying to report Tommy too many times.

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All of this is just what fans theories are, non of which have been confirmed.

On Twitter, the #freeTommy is going viral, where memes are being posted with photoshopped photos of Tommy in jail and @thatveganteacher putting him there.

His popularity with his loyal fans definitely helped as the #freetommy trending on Twitter had his TikTok account back up and running within an hour!

TommyInnit’s popularity with his loyal fans definitely helped as the #freetommy trending on Twitter had his TikTok account back up and running within an hour.

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TikTok’s still yet to tell Tommy why his account got banned but it seems it happens to a lot of influencers without any reasoning behind it.