Who is Ms. Heather Rose? Twitter, TikTok and more!

Screenshot from Instagram of @msheatherrose

Some of us remember Heather Roses’ “video” from a few years ago and still cringe at that. But now it seems the bad times are over for her.

Ms. Rose has been through some tough times and came out stronger, now she is glowing in different ways. Find out all about who she is, what was the video about and what’s up with her life right now.

Who is Heather Rose?

Heather is not just an influencer but also the owner of a cosmetics company called I.A.N cosmetics. She was born in New York on 21st December 1994 so she is just 26 years old right now (February 2021) and has already achieved a lot.

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On Twitter (@MsHeatherRoseee) she has over her 30k followers while on Instagram (@msheatherrose) she has 367k followers, and this is where she really does her best work.

You can check out her cruelty-free products on her website or Instagram page (@iancosmetics). Here, the bio reads: “We didn’t choose the glam life, the glam life chose us.”

If you see her products, she not only has all kinds of make-up but also a “F*ck Boy collection” that is worth looking into.

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Heather Rose’s 2021 glow up

Now, Heather is trending again but for some very good reasons. Right now she is getting so much clout that even Nicki Minaj is following her.

You can see how excited she is about this…

She is even posting stories with Nicki Minaj’s music to show appreciation.