Why is my TikTok sideways on my Ipad?

why is my tiktok sideways on my ipad

Everyone using TikTok on their Ipads are asking the same question on every platform – “Why is my TikTok sideways on my Ipad?”

Is it a bug or an update? How do we fix this so we can watch the video properly with the screen stretched in portrait mode? Read below to find out more about this.

Why is my TikTok sideways on my Ipad?

The answer to the above question is that Ipad now supports landscape mode as well. It is not a bug but an update. Some users are pleasantly surprised about this update.

We all are guilty of spending countless hours on social media through different devices. We are used to using the phone in portrait mode as it fits in our hand perfectly that way.

When it comes to desktops, we are okay with the landscape mode as it fits the screen properly. But the Ipads are a grey area where we spend a lot of time but the mode is still not fixed.

It is better to use it in landscape mode when it is being supported upright by something. If the mode is always portrait, we will probably use it like phones in our hands and holding a heavy object for long periods is not good for the hand.

Based on the screen size of the Ipad, the landscape mode is the best suited mode but the social media browsing gets difficult that way. But only for Instagram and Snapchat now.

Since TikTok supports landscape mode along with Facebook and Twitter, other platforms should follow the lead and put in the landscape mode as well.

Twitter reactions

People on Twitter all have positive things to say about this update. In fact, the users are raving about this update.

Of course, the users should have the option to choose which mode they want. Going from using portrait mode which showed the whole video clearly to this is a big change and some may not have been ready for that.

But what do you think about this change? We would love to hear your thoughts so share it in the comments below.