TikTok: Meaning of LMR explained with examples

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Another Gen Z’s slang is using LMR in their stories and tweets. They also comment it on TikTok. Find out the meaning of this abbreviation.

LMR meaning on TikTok

LMR is mostly used on TikTok and Instagram. Urban Dictionary explains the full form and the meaning of LMR clearly –

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Lmr means like my recent. Most people use this for TikTok or Instagram. When someone says this it means they want you to go like their most recent post.
Hey go lmr.
by imacoolkid1 April 16, 2020

Like my recent. Usually regarding Instagram posts.
LMR and I’ll give you a high five
by pants for pigs December 23, 2016

“like my recent”
L = Like
if you see “LMR” on one of your friends Snapchat stories and you see that they are probably telling you to check their recent Instagram photo
JIMBOS SNAPCHAT STORY : “LMR if you haven’t already @friendsnamehere”
by danielisgay4lyfeandhesnotblood October 03, 2017

Other full forms of LMR

Let me rant
Yo someone lmr I need to let lose
by Madison Pernesky March 27, 2017

An abbreviation that stands for “Last Minute Resistance”: a woman’s last minute objection to sexual intercourse. This term is used almost exclusively by rapists who don’t believe themselves to be rapists (or just don’t care).
Charlie: Laura gave me a little LMR, but I just went ahead and fucked her anyway.
Sam: You what?
Charlie: Pounded the shit out of her, dude.
Sam: And that felt like…cool and consensual to you?
Charlie: Yeah, of course. I’m not a fucking rapist, man. This girl was totally down. She just froze up for a second and pulled away. LMR happens. Once I started fucking her, she was totally fine.
Sam: Charlie…that’s rape. You literally just described rape.
by prldfad March 10, 2017

Opposed to popular belief LMR stands for “Lick My Rod” not “Like My Recent”.
Guy 1: Hey do you think that chick was hot?
Guy 2: No but I’d totally let her LMR.
by ShiddedandFarddedandPeed September 04, 2018

Short for ‘lamer’. One who is lame.
by CC June 23, 2003


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