Who is Zach Latham? А neighbor’s murderer for the fame on TikTok

Mughshot of Zachary Latham
Picture from www.winknews.com

Zach is the murderer, of the state police guard, William Durham, 51. He killed his neighbor in order to gain fame on TikTok.

The living family of Latham and Durham are facing criminal charges for their participation in the death of the correctional officer on 4th May 2022 in New Jersey.

As both parties await their trials, Dazed investigates the origins of the feud. What happened on Durham’s deadly day, and how does TikTok fit into the equation?

Zach Latham: Who is he? A teenager turned murderer for TikTok fame receives a jail sentence

An 18-year-old TikTok star named Zach Latham from New Jersey was born in the United States. Zach is the well-known murderer for TikTok fame. He was just arrested on accusations of stabbing and murdering his neighbor. Zach was first arrested as a suspect but later acknowledged the claims.

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Accordingly to a recent New York Post report, he murdered his neighbor in order to become famous and earn public exposure. He used to produce videos and post them on TikTok to attract fans and fame.

Zach Latham said he was acting in self-defense when he killed William Durham Sr., 51.

Durham was a veteran state prison guard. The incident at Latham’s house on 4th May was the conclusion of a long-running feud between him and the Durham family, according to authorities.

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Authorities claimed Latham was equipped with a stun gun and knives when he repeatedly stabbed Durham. A Cumberland County grand jury accused him of reckless manslaughter, two counts of aggravated assault, and weapons offenses in a February indictment.

Mugshot of Zach Latham

Zach Latham’s mugshot has gone viral on the internet after this event spread like wildfire for killing someone to become TikTok famous.

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The rivalry apparently began when Latham allegedly humiliated and criticized the Durhams on social media following a quarrel about him allegedly speeding on neighborhood roads.

He posted a video of his encounters with the Durhams, which rapidly turned aggressive.

What happened to Zach Latham and where is he now?

Catherine Latham and her boys face assault and trespassing charges, while Zach Latham faces manslaughter, serious assault, and weapons charges.

The Durhams’ council is asking that the charges against the family should be dropped and that the court instead charge Latham, his wife, and two others who joined the fight with first-degree murder.

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Latham was released from jail in May and is scheduled to appear in court later this year. Jennifer Webb-McRae, the prosecutor, announced in a letter to the Durham attorneys that the charges against the family would not be withdrawn.