What does while nail polish mean on TikTok?

Screenshot from TikTok @imjohannasofia

Did you know that a certain coloured nail polish has a meaning? Let us find out what does white nail polish mean on TikTok today!

Millenials are sending coded messages through the colour of their nail polish. We will show what all the colour means so that you can be in the know.

HE WANT my number has to hit him with the mhm song!

What does white nail polish mean on TikTok?

Urban dictionary says that the meaning of paining the nails white is –

Mean the girl has good p*ssy.
Oh she got that white nail polish so you know she got that good good.

But wait, there are other meanings as well –

That she is ready to move on, to have a fresh start.
Sorry man, I saw her white nail polish.

There’s one more left –

Basic bitch; unadventurous woman; she gives head worst than Black Chyna
Blood, she had white nail polish on her toes fam. The stories wasnt true that bitch is worst than Black Chyna in bed. Ole boring as broad

So painting your nails white means that you are a black canvas when it comes to your relationship status or sex life. If you have coloured your nails white, people will either think you are single and ready to mingle, you are very boring in bed, or that you are very attractive “down there”.

The best way to give mixed signals would be to paint your nails white!

Meaning of light blue nail paint

Painting your nails light blue means that you are in a relationship. This is the reason why if you ask your boyfriend for colour recommendation and if he is a regular TikTok user, he will tell you to go for light blue.

If you are going somewhere with your girls, the best way to signify that you are off the market without being rude would be to paint your nails light blue. Best rejection method, amiright?