What does Krissed mean on TikTok?

Screenshot from YouTube @ MsKendallandKylie

A viral video of Kris Jenner has started a trend that has made a lot of users on TikTok curious and they want to know what does it mean.

What does Krissed mean on TikTok?

If you know what being rickrolled is then you will understand this trend and meaning easily. Being “Krissed” on TikTok means that the user was watching a video that unexpectedly started playing the clip of Kris Jenner dancing to ‘Lady Marmalade’ in the middle of that video.

The video displayed above was posted about a decade ago and it shows the Jenner family dancing to the same iconic song.

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Did you notice Kris dancing in that glittery green outfit after 27 seconds in the video? That’s the clip that is being used in this TikTok trend to “Kris” people.

The trend is about drawing people in with false rumors and making them interested and then playing this clip at the end to show that they were just playing. Then they sometimes add the caption “You just got Krissed” or the hashtag #krissed.

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The trend is so happening right now in June 2022 that the hashtag has over 78 million views. You can check out some of the best attempts of being Krissed here in the TikTok videos so that you can do the same with your followers.

Have you ever been Krissed or was this your first time?