What is the meaning of “Moots” on TikTok?

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Moots is a commonly used slang on social media like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Find out its meaning and application below.

Meaning of “Moots” on TikTok

The meaning of Moots on TikTok and other social media is mutual followers. Mutuals on social media are the ones who follow you, you follow back, and actively engage with them.

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They are also used in singular form – moot. Moots are your internet friends who you meet and talk to when you come online. You might barely know them but you know their interests, their sense of humor, and the kinds of activities they like.

Users ask for more moots so that people would like their posts and share them on their pages. Then when they post something, you have to like and share their posts as well. This will make the algorithm of the app give you more reach and result in more followers later on because of the moots engagement.

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Urban Dictionary – Moots

Twitter slang, short for mutuals. it’s when you follow someone and they follow you back
I’ve had one of my moots muted since we started following each other because they stress me out.
by Joon’s Peach March 28, 2019

Australian slang; A females genitals, usually said in disgust to infer a girl smelling fishy or as a joke/ a girl actually referring to her vagina. Also used in words like; moot box, moot sauce, ect.
Rueben: “You’d love to get into Emily’s fishy moot aye” Angus: “ewe fuck no that’s chatty” //
Jess: “your into men” Dylan: “that’s not what your mum said last night when I visited her moot” //
Damo: “oi close ya legs no one wants ya moot!” //
Vienna: “God! I think I’ve got an STI!” Jess: “Why is that?” Vienna: “since I slept with Josh my moots been itching like crazy!”
by Slippery_Seal005 February 12, 2020

useless, nothng, pointless
this is so….moot
by Moot October 29, 2003

Albanian for “shit”
“Moot” is Albanian for “shit”.
by Babaganoosh Is In Da’ Houzze November 18, 2008

the sound made when a couple is kissing and you accidentally make a poot sound with your mouth.
that girl at the party was so drunk, she was mooting all in my mouth.
by maxstonian September 20, 2010