TikTok: Why Ronald Williams is taking a break

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The grandpa of TikTok star Ronald Willams is taking a break. Now, his fans are wondering why and how long is this break is going to last.

This is a new development in the life of Ronald which is why he is taking a short break from all his social media. Here’s what happened and how fans have reacted…

Who is Ronald Williams?

Mr. Williams is the cool grandpa we all wished we had because. He is making awesome TikTok videos even though he is 79 years old right now and that’s why everyone adores him.

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Not that old age stops you from using social media but elders rarely succeed when it comes to using new technology – just imagine your grandpa on Insta. Now, imagine your grandpa on social media with more than 8 million followers #goals.

Ronald Williams has taken over the hearts of so many TikTokers because he is constantly learning new things, like Omegle, and he does so with a childlike admiration and enthusiasm that is super endearing.

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He also has a following of 29k on Instagram (@ronaldwilliamsofficial) and about 41k on YouTube (Grandpa Lou Pickles) even though it has just been a year since he posted his first video.

When it comes to his personal life, we know that he lives in La Jolla, CA and that his birth date is 30th September 1941.

We are also aware of his grandson Ryan Adams (Watch Your Haircut) who frequently comes in the TikTok videos.

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Trivia about Ronald Williams

  1. He loves Lou Pickles from the children’s show Rugrats which inspired his username.
  2. His birth sign is Libra.
  3. Ronald has done collaborations with Jalaiya Bartley and Bella Poarch.

What is he taking a break from TikTok?

There was a video posted on 30th January 2021 where Ryan explains to the fans that grandpa has lost his voice.

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He explains that although Ronald has lost his voice for six days, although he is doing fine. Grandpa also had a cough but it has mostly subsided. They were all scared that it is a COVID-19 infection but he didn’t have a fever and there was no loss of taste either.

There was another update where Ryan says that it could be a fungal infection and that Grandpa still needs to take it easy for a couple more days until he can talk properly.

But in the last TikTok video, Ryan broke down while giving an update that his grandpa has been hospitalized and is not doing too good. There is no mention of how long this break could be which means that the grandpa’s condition must have gotten worse.

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We hope that he recovers soon and we will keep him in our prayers.


Thanks for the good times. Ronald Williams will never be forgotten 😇 RIP Grandpa 🥺 #ronaldwilliams #fyp #foryou #xyzbca

♬ See You Again (Piano Arrangement) – Alexandre Pachabezian


Ryan Adams just posted on Grandpa Lou’s YouTube and TikTok to announce that he has passed away. The video was posted today (25th March 2021) and the years he lived were written in the title – from 1941 to 2021.

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Grandpa passed away on 24th March 2021. The cause of death has not been revealed but he has been ill for a while because of the cough so the assumption is that he did not recover from that.

Fans all over the world mourn the loss of such a good and wholesome soul. Our condolences to the family and pray that grandpa is resting in a better place now.