TikTok: Who is @kierralewis75 and what happened with Kip Moore?

Screenshot from @kierralewis75 TikTok

A popular TikTok creator named @kierralewis75 was recently surprised by country artist, Kip Moore. The Bobby Bones Show invited Kierra onto the show and proceeded to surprise her with a visit from her favourite country singer, Kip Moore.

In this article, we explore the situation between Kierra Lewis and Kip Moore. Read below to discover all you need to know about this creator and why she is currently trending on TikTok.

Who is @kierralewis75 on TikTok?

Kierra Lewis is a female TikTok creator from Houston, Texas with a newly found love for country music.

On TikTok as @kierralewis75, she recently went viral at the beginning of 2021 following a video including her reaction to a Sam Hunt song.

As Kierra thoroughly listened to the lyrics within Sam Hunt’s song “Body Like A Back Road”, she soon realised the song was written about a black woman.

The creator proceeded to express her excitement surrounding this and mentioned that she also considered the artist a very good looking individual.

Kierra has since uploaded videos claiming that if she had known that country singers had such beautiful appearances then she would have previously became a fan. #LOL

With over 260,000 followers and a total of 4.3 million likes on TikTok, Kierra now has a huge online audience.

On Instagram as @kierra_lewis1, the content creator has 18.2K followers and often uploads images of herself and peers.

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Kip Moore surprises Kierra Lewis

The Bobby Bones Show recently invited Kierra onto the show after hearing about her sudden interest in country music and men.

Since this is a popular American country music radio show, Kierra was already excited to have been there.

The show then informed Kierra that her favourite country music artist, Kip Moore, was on the telephone line before they pretended that the call had dropped.

Kip Moore then proceeded to enter the room and hug his new fan, Kierra.

@kierralewis75 has since taken to TikTok to upload footage of the moment she met Kip Moore.

The creator expressed her happiness by claiming that her soul left her body.


#greenscreenvideo MAMA I MET YOUR SON IN LAW 😩👏🏽

♬ original sound – Kierra Lewis

Much to her delight, the artist then performed his music to Kierra.

Many other reaction videos can also be found on her account.

Over on Instagram, @kierra_lewis1 uploaded a slideshow of images from her time on the show.

Her capitalised caption implied her major delight to have met Kip Moore.

Check out Kierra Lewis on her various social media platforms to follow her new country music interest and more!