TikTok: Who is ‘Fish Girl’? Viral trend explained!

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Screenshot, Youtube video Cut

Recently, there has been a new person trending on TikTok called The ‘Fish Girl’.

A video was uploaded by the YouTube channel ‘Cut’ about a year ago, showing kids trying to win $1000 by competing in games and tasks against one-other. This video included the ‘Fish Girl’ that everyone is now talking about on TikTok.

So, who is she?


Background of the ‘Fish Girl’ TikTok trend

Like many trends, the ‘Fish Girl’ is a later boomer. The ‘Fish Girl’ got her name from the video 7 High Schoolers Decide Who Wins $1000 uploaded in late 2019. Fans of the show appeared to like the ‘Fish Girl’ or, her real name, Jordyn.

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In the video, Jordyn talks about how she wants to become a marine biologist as she loves the ocean and loves helping animals – thus why she coined the nickname by users ‘Fish Girl’.

People were drawn to Jordyn as she was funny, outspoken, and was quite different from the other cast as she is quite awkward in some moments. She sometimes clashes with them in the YouTube video causing controversy which fans also began to draw to.

A year later, the video has been picked up by TikTok – but only specifically for Jordyn, where fans are uploading clips of what she said in the YouTube video and showing their thoughts on it ranging from love to funny.

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Examples of hilarious ‘Fish Girl’ TikToks

This person has made, like many, a mashup of different funny quotes and moment from the ‘Cut’ YouTube video and then reenacts them which make it extra funny.


If you haven’t seen the original video… please go watch it #cut #fishgirl #marinebiologistgirl #impression

♬ original sound – JordanSamm

This person shows off their skills by painting a canvas of the ‘Fish Girl’. This person even calls her the ‘fish queen’. This shows the love she’s getting on TikTok.

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Painting the fish queen 💕🐠👑 #painting #fishgirl #acrylic

♬ original sound – anna

This person comments on a moment in the YouTube video of her when they are asked to choose a leader and ‘Fish Girl’ becomes a little triggered.

Get to know Jordyn from TikTok a little better

Since going viral the ‘Fish Girl’ has become more popular than you think and even though she can’t be found it’s not stopping people from talking about her and uploading clips of her.

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There is a @fishgirlofficial account that has nearly 40,000 followers on TikTok and 2.7 million likes, although were not sure if its a fan-made account or actually her.

Also, the #fishgirl has over 27 million views, the most viewed TikTok with over 4million views and 1 million likes.

Jordyn AKA ‘Fish Girl’ is racking up numbers and surprising it’s been a year since that video came out… I guess you’ll never with these trends!