TikTok: Who is Charlie Blythe? Parents, age and job!

Screenshot,TikTok @iamcharlieblythe
Screenshot, TikTok - @iamcharlieblythe

Charlie Blythe is an emerging TikTok star who recently posted a video which received over 2.8 million views. Her video received a lot of attention and got fans talking!

TikTok users are keen to find out more about Charlie Blythe, especially who her parents are. Find out all there is to know!


hi i’m just a person pls be kind♥️

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Who is Charlie Blythe?

Charlie Blythe has been posting TikTok videos since May 2020, receiving thousands of views on her social media content. She is a singer and has released her music on Spotify.

However, on Thursday she posted a video responding to the ‘insane rich parents behaviour’ trend on TikTok and described being the child of famous, divorced parents. The video received 2.8 million views and she has disabled the comments after a great deal of backlash and criticism.

Who are her parents?

In her viral TikTok video about her parents she says, “My house was so big I had to tell my dad dinner was ready by using the phone intercom system.

“And all of those dinners were three-course meals prepared by a private chef. We had at least like seven employees in the house at all times, including security guards, and my mom was always terrified there would be an inside job and I would be kidnapped.

“When my parents got divorced, I had to live in four houses at the same time, and somehow I would get in trouble because I couldn’t keep track of all my underwear.

“One time we took a 30 minute commercial flight from Boston to Nantucket, and my dad hated the commercial flying experience so much, despite the fact state police officers helped us get through it, he had the private plane meet us in Nantucket to bring us back to Boston.”


#stitch with @missbeifong oh how i miss living in constant fear of being abducted because of my name🙃 #richpeople #richperson #storytime #fyp

♬ original sound – Charlie Blythe

She added, “I never had to go to the grocery store as a kid, there was a pad of paper in the kitchen, if I wrote something down, it would just appear the next day.

“My parent’s divorce made the news, calling my mom a gold digger, and the comments were full of men counting down the years until I turned 18.

“I wasn’t allowed to put my last name on social media because people would track me down and kidnap me.”

Charlie has not disclosed who her parents are, though fans in the comments of her other videos are trying to figure it out. One fan wrote, ‘I think she’s a Bezos’ while others have said they think the story is fake.

In her latest video, Charlie claims to be “overwhelmed” by the response to her story, she says she feels paranoid and regrets sharing the story. She asks fans to be respectful of her privacy.

What is her job?

Her bio reads, ‘I make music and annoy my cat. She/they’ and she asks fans to check out her new single, ‘Toothache’. The TikTok star often posts videos playing with and admiring her cat.

You can find her music on Spotify and occasionally on her TikTok account.

Asking people to be kind!

After receiving over 8 million views on her ‘Insane rich person behaviour’ video some users started making some unkind comments towards Charlie.

She made a new video saying she became “overwhelmed by all the comments on my profile.”

Some users even began posting her personal information to which she said “I guess I asked for it”

The video is captioned “hi I’m just a person pls be kind 💓”


hi i’m just a person pls be kind♥️

♬ original sound – Charlie Blythe

Users showed support by commenting on the video @sa_crochet said “you did not ask for stalking that’s never okay”

@chillinonearth commented “I’m sorry for all the mean comments , if anything I thought the video was entertaining and super cool. We appreciate you and value your feelings”

Her Instagram account

Despite her viral TikTok videos her Instagram still has a fairly small following of 2.6 thousand followers.

She doesn’t post much of her extravagant lifestyle on her Instagram profile despite claims made on her TikTok , maybe this is due to risks for her safety as she had mentioned before.