TikTok: What is the meaning of Pushing P?

Photo by Collin Armstrong on Unsplash

Pushing P is a common slang on Twitter that has become viral on TikTok. Here’s the meaning of the phrase and a guide on how to use it.

American rapper ‘Gunna’ released a single with the title “Pushing P” this January of 2022 that has brought back this term. The song has obviously gone viral on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. Every user must have seen lots of videos and stories with Pushing P song with a bright blue capital P recently.

Meaning of Pushing P on TikTok

The slang was used on Twitter around 2014 to refer to “Pushing pounds”. It was a discreet way of talking about Marijuana on social media sites.

Gunna, however, has changed the meaning of the slang completely. If you go on Urban Dictionary, it seems that Gunna has redefined it into something completely different –

Pushin’ P is slang made popular by Gunna and is most similar to “keeping it player,” which is where someone remains true to themself and acts in an acceptable manner. Gunna also stated that “P don’t just mean Playa, P also mean paper too. You could be pushing this P with paper too.”
“Pointers in the Patek and my piece, I’m Pushin’ P “
by BonkerTM January 07, 2022

A phrase created by rapper Gunna, that essentially means to keep it playa.“I been running it up all 2022, pushin p fr”
“bossing yo b*tch is pushin p”
by llemart January 07, 2022

Slang popularized by Atlanta rapper Gunna which means pushing Pressure. One of the ways you can be pushing P is by having money or owning things versus renting them.
Tyrone: Yo I seen that new Rolls you been driving around, I think that shit a rental.
Jaquavious: Hell na this shit not a rental boy, I been pushing P.
by Sugondeis January 06, 2022

Shiiiit idek what it mean fr. That vid of Gunna explaining it didn’t help either
“Yo what’s Pushing P?”
“Bruh I have no idea. Fire song tho”
by dzbandit January 11, 2022