TikTok: The Push-up challenge song explored

Screenshot from TikTok @rylitight

One of the most popular challenges for athletes and gym rats on TikTok is the Push-up challenge. It is quite a challenge to stay to the beat of the song.

This challenge requires a specific song and you have to follow it to do the challenge based on the beat and lyrics.

What is TikTok’s push-up challenge?

The challenge requires you to go into a plank position and tap your right shoulder with your left palm and then your left shoulder with your right.

Do this one more when the lyrics go “left, right, left, right”. After four taps, you have to do mountain climbers until the “left, right” part of the song ends. Then you have to do pushups with sliding the legs in and out simultaneously.

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About the song ‘Grab da wall’ by 504 Boyz

The song that is to be used in this challenge is “Grab da wall and rock da boat” by 504 Boyz and Weebie. It was released on 14th January 2020 and in less than two years, it has 1.2 million views on YouTube and there are 453k videos in which this song has been used already (by 26th October 2021).

The user @rylitight shows us how it’s done. Although it seems easy when he does it, it is really not. Also, you don’t have to do pushups and mountain climbers in the plank position. Every user is trying to show off their skills so they do more than the challenge and it is really a sight to see but here is what you should do to join the challenge.

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The user @sdavidrodriguez shows us that the challenge “can’t be that hard”. It’s is true that most people can do this challenge and if you can’t then after doing this challenge multiple times for a few days, you will be able to.

This challenge not only inspires people to work on their upper body strength but also lets them show off their gains. If you want to do the same, drop the link to your attempt below in the comments so all of our audience can check it out.


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