TikTok: That boy bad news he a menace to society song – Trend explained!

Screenshot from tiktok @topboymon

TikTok users are always finding ways to create popular songs into new trends, so it’s no surprise there has been yet another one created…

If you’re a regular TikTok user like most of your generation, you may have stumbled across the ‘that boy bad news he a menace to society’ trend. If you want to get involved, or you just want to see some funny examples (we don’t blame you!) then continue reading as we explore this trend!

The song: Cico P – Tampa

The song used for this trend was released in 2019, and is called ‘Tampa’ by Cico P.

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The lyrics which appear in the TikTok sound are the following:

Goddamn, baby, you got cakes like a pampa

All about a buck, baby, bay just like Tampa

That boy bad news, he a menace to society

What is the ‘that boy bad news he a menace to society’ trend on TikTok?

The trend can be done in many different ways, which is the beauty of it!

You can use your creative side to interpret what you want with the sound.

For the first two lines of the sound, TikTok videos will show something which people do that some people in society may consider to be bad or a menace.

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Then the last line that boy bad news, he a menace to society is played to show this.

Hilarious TikTok examples!

Here are some great examples on TikTok which we guarantee you’ll love!

This video by @topboymon is relatable for all students, that teachers will presume you’re a menace if you wear a hoodie!

There’s a huge stereotype that people with tattoos are also a menace, @rickymurda, and @lolcaleb use the sound to express this!

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It’s a known fact that mums worry that their sons playing video games too often will turn them into a menace. @erik.soderman shows this with his hilarious video!


All the boys have been through this i bet. #videogame #videogames

♬ Tampa – Cico P

The song for this trend currently has 24k videos!

Why not join in and give it a go!