TikTok: Exploring the trending “I’m just a baby” audio clip

Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash

An audio clip of a mom talking to her child that says “I’m just a baby in defense” is so cute that everyone with a pet is using it.

The voice is so cute that it sounds almost artificial and the whole video is cuteness overloaded. This is a wholesome trend everyone should get on board with.

TikTok’s “I’m just a baby” trend and best videos

Imagine having a child clever enough to know that they are not that smart on the account of being a baby and using that as a defense to do whatever they want.

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That is the original video that got so popular. You can watch that video below that started the trend –

The caption by the mommy itself shows how proud she was with the response – “Did. She. Stutter?” No, she did not. This video has received about 6 million likes, 36k comments, and 235k shares (as of 2nd February 2022). The audio clip itself has been used in more than 23k videos by now.

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Every comment you read on this video is more hilarious than the previous one. Here are some of them –

“They told me when I reincarnated I’d be able to get away with stuff as a baby”

someone: how many times did you watch this
me: yes

she went from a baby….to 16 years old real quick!

I’d like to hire her as my lawyer please

all I hear is “im just a bad bitch”

This gives very, “PER MY LAST EMAIL…” and i am proud

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When someone commented “She learned that from someone”, OG replied in comments explaining “She has three older sisters”. Well, that explains a lot!

Let’s check out some of the best TikTok videos made by using this audio clip. You can understand how the trend started and maybe join in if you have a pet, baby, or just a partner who is a baby.


We’re working on it… she’s just a baby!🧍🏻‍♀️

♬ original sound – user2389324224660