TikTok: How to use the Human Bubble filter – Check what everyone is thinking about!

tiktok how to use the human bubble filter check what everyone is thinking about

TikTok has brought a fun filter to try with everyone called the Human Bubble. You can use it to see what someone is thinking about….

You know what that means? You can finally see your pets’ thoughts and see how much they love you. It is also a fun filter to use with your friends to check how accurate it is.

What is the human bubble filter?

You know in comics every dialogue has a specific bubble in which text is written and every thought has a different bubble? So just by looking at the bubble type you can tell whether it is a dialogue or just a thought.

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In the same way, we now have a filter that you can use to see what thoughts are going on in someone’s mind. Don’t worry, our phones do not have the ability to read our thoughts… yet.

Just like all the other filters, this one is all speculation but it is so much fun to use. You can take a video with this filter and see what the filter thinks you are thinking and laugh about how accurate or inaccurate it is with your friends. Isn’t that what we do with most filters anyway?

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Filters are fun when you don’t think too much about them and just go with the flow. Get it? “Don’t think too much about them” #lol.

How to get the filter on TikTok

Open the app and go to the effects gallery. On the tabs bar where you see “Trending” written, swipe the bar left and keep swiping until you find “Animal” category.

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You should see this filter as the first option. Now this is the fun part – you can write whatever you want in the bubble and then just point the camera to that person or pet and it will show that they are thinking this. So now you can go project your thoughts to your surroundings endlessly.

Add a fun song to match the vibe of your video and send it to your friends and family and see what they think about it.

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