Megha Singh’s concealer video – how to get TikTok’s face-lifting hack!

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TikTok is full of beauty tips and tricks on how to do the perfect makeup look. Recently, Megha Singh posted a video on how to use concealer to give a face-lifting effect and the outcome is unreal.

It shows the true art and beauty behind makeup!

Who is Megha Singh?

Megha Singh is a 30-year-old TikTok star in the beauty industry. Her content involves makeup hacks, tips and tricks and different ways to use concealer and contour to shape your face.

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She went viral after posting a TikTok of using concealer to give you a face-lifting effect. The video reached 207.7k views from this amazing hack when before this video her TikTok videos weren’t even reaching 1k views.

Talk about a glow up…

What is the concealer video hack?

TikTok is always full of beauty influencers sharing their makeup hacks on how to get the perfect makeup look for certain occasions or how to make your lips look bigger without filler. Everyone wants a quick fix to change their face without having to spend thousands of dollars on filler and botox and ending up looking like a duck instead of Kylie Jenner.

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Are we right, ladies?

So when it comes to new hacks the beauticians cannot wait to try them out for themselves and share them with their followers. The viral video making the beauty industry even more powerful showing the art of concealing.

Megha uses four simple strokes with concealer along the face, which is then blended out with a beauty blender to drastically change the look of your face. A line from the inner corner of the eye to the middle and a line on the outer corner of the high pointing up is then added, giving a face-lifting effect that takes about two seconds and costs five dollars for. What a bargain!

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In the video, Megha only does it to one side of her face to show a comparison and the results are incredible.

Hundreds of beauty TikTokers are now recreating this hack, which shows insane results. Take a look at these!

The beauty influencers are showing a comparison of their usual concealer method next to Megha’s method and showing the difference in the facelift.

Its just crazy what makeup can do!

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Since the video success, Megha has posted more videos of different ways to use makeup to change the shape of your face. Do you want almond-shaped eyes? Little button nose? Sharp cheekbones? Well, head to her page because she can make your face any shape you desire.