In Alabama, the son of TikTok star ‘Mama Tot’ is brutally murdered

Photo by @lancereis

Randon Lee, the son of Ophelia Nichols, often known as Mama Tot to her over 7 million TikTok fans, was shot at a gas station in Prichard.

On Friday, the son of an Alabama TikTok celebrity was tragically shot, and the crime remains unexplained.

Ophelia Nichols — known on TikTok as @shoelover99 and Mama Tot — tearfully announced her 18-year-old son, Randon Lee, had been shot to death at a petrol station in Prichard the night before in heartbreaking footage posted to the site Saturday.

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“My son was killed,” Nichols says in the video, noting that his 19th birthday would have been Saturday. “He had been shot. And I have this unidentified loathing in my heart since I have never felt hatred for anyone.”

Nichols begged her 7 million followers to come forward with any information they may have about her son’s murder.

“Somebody’s got to know something,” she sobbed. “This person murdered my son. And I know they exist in my community. They are present. They’re still alive and well, but my kid is no longer with us.”

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Nichols then displayed a photograph of herself with Randon. In the video, she says, “This is my son.” “Someone knows who did this to my child, and I’m appealing for aid from anyone.”

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Before the video ends, the TikTok star makes one more plea for answers before sobbing.

She subsequently commented on her video, adding that police “had a lead on two individuals.”

Anyone with information regarding the fatal shooting is encouraged to call the Alabama Investigation Crime Hotline at 800-392-8011.

A GoFundMe campaign is currently running online, requesting funds to cover the costs of Randon’s burial.