TikTok: Burgundy Sauce in reverse explained – trend and online reactions!

Screenshot from @mubeen.momodu TikTok

The burgundy sauce in reverse trend has been spiralling the internet for a while now, but viewers are currently reacting to the shocking outcome! A TikTok user gained tons of attention after referring to the challenge in a recent video.

In this article, we explore the burgundy sauce challenge and discover just why it’s trending online again. Keep reading to find out just why you shouldn’t attempt this social media challenge as we feature apalled TikTok responses.

What is the burgundy sauce in reverse trend?

The burgundy sauce challenge has been a popular trend online for a while, and TikTok users are now realising just how problematic it is…

We do not encourage you to take part in this controversial challenge. Instead, we have provided shocking social media reactions to prevent you from doing so.

The challenge requires you to record yourself saying the phrase “burgundy sauce” before using online software to reverse the video.

Most users choose to use the video-sharing social media platform, Snapchat to do this.

After reversing the footage, the phrase “burgundy sauce” then becomes something much different…

Although the adjective “saucy” remains, the following term happens to be a derogatory racial slur.

A popular TikTok hashtag (#burgundysauce) currently has over 10 million views and is filled with content surrounding the challenge.

In 2019, @callumrhughes was under the impression that the outcome revealed the phrase “saucy nuggets” as he shared an explanation of the challenge to TikTok.


Burgundy Sauce Challenge @imjustbait -ig #fyp #foryoupage #foryou

♬ original sound – Cal

Keep reading for various shocked TikTok reactions to this challenge.

Shocked TikTok reactions to burgundy sauce reversed

A TikTok user named @mubeen.momodu uploaded a video containing his reaction after reversing footage of a white friend saying “burgundy sauce”.

Mubeen has now reached 3.7 million views along with over 350,000 likes and a comment section full of shock.

A user named @n0tspencer took to the comment section to dramatically exclaim:


Another user named @the_p.jams1 apologetically commented after trying out the trend:


@amirsmexynocap even went to the extent of downloading an app to reverse the video:

“i just downloaded a whole app for this lol”

Another user named @brandino_22 covered their mouth in shock after trying out the challenge.

@peytonabanana also expressed her regret after carrying out the challenge in a recent upload.

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