What does the Scissors Emoji ✂️ mean on TikTok? And why people are using it!


Rock paper scissors! TikTok videos have been going viral after using the scissors emoji to caption them.

TikTok videos are known for making random things go viral, with some of the most random challenges taking off, but all that’s on everyone’s mind right now is what does the scissors emoji mean?

There have been countless TikTok videos that have started to trend use a hashtag with the scissors emoji or including it in their captions ✂️.

Screenshot, TikTok, @Gracenah0

What does the Scissors Emoji ✂️ mean on TikTok?

While there are quite a few videos on the app that use the scissors emoji for different things, the main ones that are going viral have two different meanings.

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One meaning is clear on videos that they are deciding whether or not to get a haircut and use the emoji followed by a question mark to decide.

The other meaning on some videos, which appears to be more popular with the TikTok community, implies that the user may be a lesbian or bisexual, and it refers to a sexual act that takes place between two females.


don’t waste my time i’m trynna ✂️😡

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Why is there a double meaning?

It can be common for TikTok videos to have double meanings, as it all relates to different ‘sides’ of TikTok.

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There are many different sides, with the most well known being the ‘Alt versus Straight TikTok’, all that this means is that an emoji has a double meaning and can mean a different thing to one TikTok user than another.

Why are people using it?

This appears to be a popular emoji with TikTok users from the LGBT community who use the emoji to show their sexual preference.

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Users are also using the emoji to discuss their ‘obsession’ with a character from the Nickelodeon TV show Victorious.

In the show, one of the lead character’s called Jade loves scissors- and users who are now exploring their sexuality are crediting it to their love of the character by using the scissors emoji

Users are also using their videos to show that her character may have been where understanding their sexuality begun, but they didn’t realise until they were older.

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