What does πŸƒ mean on TikTok? Emoji use explained!

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TikTok’s πŸƒ emoji is the creator’s way of working around TikTok’s community guidelines.

With no mention of green allowed or any other of these type of substances, emojis is the way to go… if you get our drift.

What does πŸƒ mean on TikTok

The πŸƒ emoji is used to talk about weed in TikToks where stoners are either smoking or talking about something related to it.

This is because TikTok’s community guidelines take down any videos with mentions of alcohol, green, s*x and swear words if they are not starred out or mentioned in a form of emojis.

The #πŸƒ has 273.6 million views and thousands of videos with stoner TikTokers uploading videos of just being a stoner.

They revolve every video around the green, how much they love it, what happens when they have it, why to date a stoner, so passionate about it.

The other emojis used for similar uses are the #πŸƒπŸ’¨, which is used to identify the smoke from weed. The hashtags are trending with stoners finding their way around TikTok’s community guidelines so that their videos won’t get taken down or demonetized in any way.

TikTok can also shadowban a creator if they break the community guideline. This is when their videos don’t get put on the FYP and their names don’t pop up when you search for them.

So why the green leaf? Well, it’s simple really it’s to identify the marijuana leaf, it would be too obvious using the marijuana leaf so why not just get another type of leaf.

They must think TikTok is stupid.

But it works, so stoners have a smart way to get away with illegal things.