TikTok: What does KYS mean? Crazy abbreviation examples!

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TikTok often features crazy slang but everyone is now wondering, what does KYS mean?

Keep reading to discover all you need to know about common online slang, abbreviations and more!


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What does KYS mean on TikTok?

KYS is an abbreviation for the negative phrase ‘kill yourself’.

Although this particular slang comes across in a very harmful way, the sentence is often used online with comical context.

The phrase is typically used as a joke or sarcastically and should never be taken literally.

Usually, KYS is simply a witty way of reacting to something someone has said.

For example, if someone happens state a comment you disagree with, many people might follow up by using the KYS phrase.

KYS is a similar abbreviation to other slang expressions such as:

GAL = Get A Life

GAC = Get A Clue

Keep scrolling to find out more about the phrase and why it is banned from TikTok.

KYS banned from TikTok

Despite the phrase often being used with no harm intended, the expression should never be directed at anyone.

The negative meaning of this abbreviation has meant that it is no longer able to be used on TikTok.

TikTok’s community guidelines state that the platform removes content that displays suicide, suicidal ideation, or content that might encourage participation in other self-injurious behavior.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts and you are in any way affected by this article, we encourage you to reach out to one of the helplines below.

Anxiety UK 

Call: 03444 775 774 

Visit: http://www.anxietyuk.org.uk/


Call: 0300 123 3393

Visit: http://www.mind.org.uk/


Call: 116 123

Visit: http://www.samaritans.org/

More crazy TikTok slang

Social media users often make use of slang/abbreviated words to shorten their sentences, resulting in convinience.

Below, we have listed TikTok examples containing more crazy slang that is often used online.

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