TikTok: What does 🤜 🥩 mean and 5 suspicious examples!

Screenshot from @look.at.my.liked_vid3os TikTok

Emoji slang is often used online in reference to all sorts of suspicious language, but social media users are now wondering what two emojis in particular (🤜 🥩) mean on TikTok.

Read below to find out the somewhat inappropriate meaning of these random emojis and why they are currently spiralling the internet! What do you think 🤜 🥩 could represent? Perhaps this article is not suitable for our younger readers…

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What does 🤜🥩 meansnsnsnsjdhejjejf

♬ original sound – Taking a break.

What does 🤜 🥩 mean on TikTok?

Two emojis are currently featuring in various content all over TikTok.

The right-facing fist (🤜) along with the steak icon (🥩) have been paired together to represent something in specific.

Go ahead and take a guess about the meaning…

🤜 represents the word ‘beat’ and 🥩 represents the word ‘meat’.

So, if you haven’t already guessed – these figures are supposed to represent self-pleasure – illustrating ‘beating meat’.

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Don’t worry, you weren’t the only one confused about the meaning of these mysterious emojis!

A creator named @adorinqlove took to TikTok to beg for the meaning of 🤜 🥩 to be explained.


What does 🤜🥩 meansnsnsnsjdhejjejf

♬ original sound – Taking a break.

Suspicious TikTok examples

A popular TikTok hashtag using the emojis (#🤜 🥩) currently has 50.6K views and is filled with content including the symbols.

@poptartquotes uploaded a video featuring a screenshot from Twitter.

The Tweet asked girls about the first thing they would do if they were to swap genders for a day and become a male; with all the male features… 🍆

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The caption of the video included the 🤜🏻🥩 emojis – perhaps stating that is what this user would spend their time doing.

@imshawnsutton captioned his TikTok video using the two popular emojis in the statement:

“The boys know🤜🏻🥩”

So, do you know?

@look.at.my.liked_vid3os also made use of the emojis in a video encouraging viewers to check out their liked videos.

Another user named @questionsforguys_8 again used the slang to ask what the activity feels like.

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Like many others, @yourmexicanpaps advised users to check out their liked videos before 🤜🏻🥩.

So, check out the 🤜🏻🥩 emoji on TikTok to find out more!