Where did the Twisted Tea video happen? And who was in it?

Screenshot twitter twisted tea, @eljorge_96

For the past week, a video of a man hitting another man with a Twisted Tea can in a local American corner shop. This has gone viral and the memes have been all plastered all over social media such as YouTube, Reddit and Twitter.

The meme has gone completely crazy for the past week, as many have poked fun at it – including memes such as the David Matthews Ants marching remix of it and many others.

The meme has caused many to question, the background of the whole thing and people are wondering where it was filmed and by who, but also why the man was hit with a twisted tea.

Where was the Twisted Tea video filmed?

The Twisted tea video was filmed in the USA in Elyria, Ohio, East Broad street – in a local convenience store called ‘Circle K’. The man who hit the other person with the twisted tea can name hasn’t been revealed.

Who filmed the Twisted Tea video?

The person who filmed the video is also unknown, and now the original camera man is probably going to stay unknown as the video is the internets property now.

@over_boiled took a selfie with the man, labelling him a hero and many others gave him the same label.

What is the background behind the video?

The man seems to be minding his own business while the white man repeatedly keeps saying the N-word and other racial slurs. He also keeps saying “SLAP ME, SLAP ME.”

The man fumbles his Twisted Tea drink and the other man attempts to kick the can away and misses. Then the other men then slaps him with the can knocking off his feet.

Then the video ends. This whole situation caught on camera and now been viral for the past week.

Twisted Tea video best memes

This person joking about how now the Twisted Tea can now be a weapon after seeing how it was used.

This user jokes with Red Bul’s slogan of Red Bull gives wings and compares to how twisted can give you serious head injury!

Batman fans will love this meme, as to take down Bane all you need is the new ‘Twisted Tea weapon ‘.