Curious about pgtalal? Instagram’s latest viral trick explained!

katka pavlickova pgtalal
Photo by- Katka Pavlickova Source- Unsplash

If you’ve been active on Instagram or Twitter lately, you might have heard of the #pgtalal trend.

Social media keeps its buzz alive by creating dozens of random, weird fads every so often. Posts going viral is the new fashion statement in apps like TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter.

The latest viral rage on Instagram is the pgtalal trend. It’s a tricky challenge where users are asked to click on a certain Instagram post and then something bizarre happens!

Instagram’s pgtalal craze explained

If you are a regular Twitter user, you may have already come across a few pgtalal posts.

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You might have had a friend or family of yours’ retweeting the post, where they ask you to go to a particular Instagram profile and click on that user’s highlight. The trend has gained massive popularity on Twitter and Instagram alike. There are hundreds of posts floating about on Twitter, urging people to click on @pgtalal. The big question here is: have you done it yet?

What happens next?

Are you in a dilemma? If you are still hesitating whether or not to do what you’re being asked to do, you’re probably better off NOT doing it.

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The pgtalal trend is a viral trick that will freeze your phone the moment you click on the user’s Instagram highlight. The whole thing is designed like a challenge that will trick you to open @pgtalal on Instagram and ask you to click on its first highlight. But … you’ll regret it soon as you’ve realized what you’ve done! Our phones are our lifelines, after all, nothing worse than having them frozen!

Scary, but reversible

If you find yourself stuck in a ‘frozen’ situation, don’t worry, it is all amendable. Like thousands of others, you might have found the quirky temptation of pgtalal hard to resist; and if so, you have certainly seen what happens next. If your phone freezes, simply reboot it and it should work fine as normal.