The Surprising Revelation of Pleasure P’s Son


Pleasure P became trending on the internet a few days back. He has announced that he will become a grandpa at age 36! That is too young for a person to become a grandparent and there is no doubt about it. This sparked a lot of speculation in the internet world. Fans would want to know more about Pleasure P’s son and his family.  The announcement was made on Pleasure P’s Instagram account.

All about Pleasure P's son and his surprise.
Pleasure P’s signature pose

He also apologized for the late announcement as he said that he was too busy these past few days. The fans accepted the apology and completely understood the situation.

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The Surprise of Pleasure P’s Son

 This particular scenario is just like reminiscing Pleasure P’s experience from the past. When he became a father at a very young age, the same feeling came back when he became a grandfather at 36 years old.

“we can do it all night without the lights and if it’s tight. Don’t worry I’ll make it right.” – Pleasure p

Regarding the topic, the name of Pleasure P’s son is Marcus Cooper Jr. The name is based on the real name of Pleasure P. which is Marcus Cooper. The reason why Marcus Cooper Jr. is not that known is that he chose to be a more private person rather than a celebrity.

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The son of Pleasure P

Pleasure P also revealed before that one of his hit rap songs named “Dream in The Air” is based on his experiences with his son. It helped him to become more motivated about raising and having a good relationship with his son.

Key Takeaway

Aside from having a successful career in music with his hip-hop group Pretty Ricky, what’s more important is his relationship with his family. Just like any ordinary person out there, Pleasure P proved that a person must accept the happenings in their life in a positive way. A great outlook in life is the most important thing to do to stay happy and content.