Blueface’s 2021 Instagram story explained: Who is he and shouldn’t he be banned?

Screenshot of IG Blueface ac - @bluefacebleedem

Rapper Blueface has always posted wild things on his IG stories but he went too far this time. Yet, his stories became instantly trending.

Blueface has posted some shocking videos on his Instagram story but what’s more shocking is the lack of repercussions that he is facing despite violating major rules of the social media platform.

People are dying to see his stories to understand what is going on and then regretting it as soon as they have watched it, wishing that they had minded their own business.

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Who is Blueface and what did he post on his Instagram story?

Blueface is a popular rapper with over 7 million followers on Instagram. His feed is filled with a lot of inappropriate content, but this time, his stories depicted him and his friends surrounded by strippers at some party. The content he posted had explicit pictures that should come with an NSFW warning and some censorship.

The other reason why people are getting angry about this video is that there is no COVID-19 protocol followed. No-one in the club is wearing a mask while this is happening and there is obviously no social distancing.

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His videos have people smoking a joint, strippers dancing almost naked and twerking, people dry humping the strippers, and he also has stories where he records himself peeing. Ew much?

Shouldn’t Blueface be banned?

Everyone on social media is wondering how his account is still up because Instagram and Facebook don’t allow this kind of content. Blueface’s stories are scaring everyone with the threat of continued lockdown because if people keep socializing like this, then lockdown will have to keep going for months.

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His stories are going viral for all the wrong reasons and yet we have no idea why he isn’t being banned already. Since when did it become okay to post explicit videos where a girl is twerking wearing just a thong and the thong is being pushed aside?

Caution: This video is for adult audience only.

How are people reacting to the IG stories of Blueface?

Some people are angry about the way he was shooting the video and treating the strippers.

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Then there are some who are against posting the video in the first place.

A lot of people are concerned about the effects of this much socializing over the pandemic and how much this party will prolong the lockdown.

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What are your thoughts on the matter?