WAP Dance Tiktok; the Raunchy Challenge Inspired by Cardi B’s WAP Song

Cardi B and Megan Stallion

TikTok is famous for its many crazy challenges. One of the craziest challenges was the WAP dance Tiktok Challenge. Hashtag #WAP Challenge got over 1.5 billion views.

The WAP dance Tiktok challenge started in August 2020. It began after Megan Stallion and Cardi B released their smash hit WAP. The Challenge requires TikTok users to copy the sexy moves from the WAP track.

The WAP song is catchy and raunchy. You can’t help dancing to the beats. Cardi B and Megan Stallion used sexy dance moves in the song.

Cardi B and Mega Stallion in their smash hit song WAP

Who Started the WAP Dance?

Brian Esperon started the WAP dance. Brian, who is a choreographer started the dance a few hours after the WAP song was released. He posted a video on Tiktok. By the following day, his video had gone viral.

How Tiktokers Reacted to Brian’s WAP Dance Video

After Brian’s WAP dance video went viral, WAP Dance Tiktok Challenge started. TiKTokers tried to outdo each other in the Challenge. The videos that TikTokers posted were entertaining and hilarious. The moves included twerking, splits, and high kicks.

People doing the WAP Dance TikTok Challenge

How to do the WAP Dance TikTok Challenge

  • Watch Megan Stallion and Cardi B’s track WAP
  • Try to recreate the moves in the video
  • Get someone to record your moves
  • Post the results to your TikTok followers

Enjoy the reactions and comments

Celebrities who Joined the Challenge

Celebrities did not want to miss out on the Challenge. For instance, Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae joined the Challenge and did quite a great routine. James Charles took things to another level by incorporating a trampoline in his version of the Challenge.


People’s Reactions to the Challenge

Most TikTokers were fascinated and thrilled by the Challenge. However, a few people criticized the WAP dance Tiktok Challenge. They said that it was sexually explicit. They thus decided to modify the moves by using a more contemporary dance style.

Mega Stallion and Cardi B song that inspired the Challenge

Some people said that they got hurt while trying out the Challenge. They got injuries and bruises on the legs and knees. Others said that they got carpet burns and back injuries. One Tiktoker said that she broke a toenail and pulled a leg muscle.


All in all, the WAP dance Tiktok Challenge was among the best social media challenges of 2020. The Challenge became a viral sensation and kept TikTokers entertained for days on end. What a great way of beating the lock-down blues.


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