TikTok: Who is @lexxxieb? Dancing stillborn baby causes huge social debate

Screenshot from TikTok @lexxxieb

The most bizzare thing to happen this month (May 2021) on TikTok was a video of a mother dancing with her stillborn baby.

Thousands of followers were following the pregnancy journey of @lexxxieb for months hoping for a safe delivery but sadly, the baby was born with no heartbeat.


dark humor at its finest😌 let me cope in peace pls #pregnancy #fyp #viral

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The viral TikTok video of mother and her stillborn baby

In the middle of May 2021, Lexi went into labor and delivered her stillborn baby. Her more than 24k followers sympathized with this news. But it soon turned to shock and also disgust for some people when she started posting videos with her dead baby.

There was a lot of reactions and backlash in the comments. Someone said their heart literally dropped while watching the video.

Few other comments were – “I saw it and I feel so sick. It’s just there, in the back of my head”, “I’m having nightmares because of this”, etc.


How I choose to deal with my stillborn birth 🥺 let me cope in peace #fyp #pregnancy #viral

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The video was not graphic or violent so TikTok refused to take it down because it did not violate their guidelines. But after a while, they deleted those videos. A spokesperson of this Chinese-owned app came forward to explain the reason.

They said – “Our concern is also the well-being of our users, including the woman who shared her experience and those who may have viewed the content, and after careful review, we have removed the videos in question.


This is not against community guidelines. Pls let me make tiktoks with my child while I have the chance🥺 #fyp #stillborn #viral

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“While it can be difficult for platforms like ours to balance the individual’s need for healing expression with the community’s expectation for a safe viewing experience, our own Community Guidelines determined this as the appropriate action to take.” 

Despite all these issues and backlash, Lexi continued posting such videos and reposting previous videos as it helps her cope with the loss of her child.


Plsssss let me make tiktoks with MY CHILD & cope in peace🥺😩 #fyp #stillborn #viral

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She is adamant that if people do not like her content, they can unfollow her but she will not stop posting what she wants.

Even the reposted videos have racked up millions of likes. Most people say that they saw this video accidentally on the For You page.

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