TikTok: Me and your girlfriend song revealed – with examples

TikToker me and your girlfriend song.

Blowing up bubblegum and hip-hop music, Ashnikko’s hit Slumber Party is going viral on TikTok.

Released earlier this year on 14th January 2021, we’re diving into what makes this song such an anthem on TikTok.

Origin of the ‘Me and your girlfriend song’

Slumber Party aka TikTok’s ‘me and your girlfriend’ song is by 25-year-old London-based, American singer and rapper, Ashnikko. The artist currently has 1.58 million subscribers on YouTube.

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The star may be relatively new to the industry, but she’s no stranger to having her music go viral on TikTok. Before the release of Slumber Party, her 2019 single Stupid, with Yung Baby Tate, also gained popularity through TikTok.

Ashnikko’s genre-bending music is said to be heavily influenced by video games and anime, which explains the electric-esque vibe of her songs.

Slumber Party is a fun, upbeat song with lyrics exploring sexuality and, essentially describing an affair with Ashnikko. Music review site Pitchfork described it as having a melody which: “honks with horny Pussycat Dolls insistence.”

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The song also features Princess Nokia who, as an artist, matches a similar aesthetic to Ashnikko.

Slumber Party released on YouTube in January of this year, but fans are already obsessed. The video has 53 million views and it has only been 2 months (18th March 2021). One YouTube user commented: “Ash is bi so this is definitely the bi girl anthem.”

How the song is used on TikTok

There isn’t really a formula or trend when using Slumber Party. TikTok users are simply mouthing the words to the song whilst dressed in alternative outfits and makeup – perfectly fitting the aesthetic of the song.

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Take a look at these fun examples:

Will you be using Slumber Party in a TikTok?

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Me and your girlfriend playing dress up at my house – lyrics

I’m not shy, I’ll say it
I’ve been picturing you naked
I’m a little faded
You look like a f*ckin’ paintin’
Big dough, ice, amazin’
She’s everything I’ve been prayin’
My heart palpitation 
She looks like the type to break it

Me and your girlfriend playin’ dress up at my house
I gave your girlfriend cunnilingus on my couch
She cute, kawaii, hentai boobies, that excites me
I think she really likes me, asked politely, can I (woo-hoo)
(Ooh, woo-ooh, woo-ooh) slumber party
(Ooh, woo-ooh, woo-ooh) slumber party
(Ooh, woo-ooh, woo-ooh) slumber party
(Ooh, woo-ooh, woo-ooh) slumber party

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Uh, it’s getting hot in here
I’m the Nelly in the party with some rocks for ears (so hot in here)
I’m a slave for you, baby, Ms. Britney Spears
I’ma clubber, she a Taurus bring it on for cheers
And I’m sexy like Christina when I dip it low
Not an H-town girl, but I rodeo
Yippee-ki-yay, welcome to the show
It’s an all-girl party, clothing-optional

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Chorus repeat

My girl look like Wednesday Addams
Eyes go black when she orgasms
Hide your back, she likes to stab them
My butt cheeks, she likes to grab
Matching pajama birthday suits
Her spit taste just like juicy fruit
She do that thing she usually do
Spell my name with her tongue, like (uh)

Chorus repeat

I’m shy
I’m so shy, hahaha

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