TikTok: “I’m not going nowhere” sound clip explored

Screenshot from TikTok @dre_is

Nicki Minaj’s clip saying “You can’t get rid of me, b*tch. I’m not going nowhere” is so popular on TikTok that it has been used in 116k videos.

Here’s how TikTok users are using this audio clip in the most hilarious ways possible.

“I’m not going nowhere” TikTok clip

This clip is used most often for pets who are badass. Check out how @nodsnoodles thinks their pet hamster is immortal.


🐹Luther is immortal🐹


We all know that dog’s have an unhealthy and immediate fear of the word “vet”. Look how @bettyboo__0‘s dog that couldn’t move yesterday started walking once he heard the “v” word. He ain’t going anywhere bruh.

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Swear he couldn’t move yesterday


This audio clip fits perfectly with the dog of @hannahroman3‘s grandma’s dog who is 14 years old and has cataracts, weekly seizures, just three teeth left, broken nose, and has come back from paralysis. This one has come back again and again to protect the owner and he needs to be protected at all costs.

Look at this 15-year-old dog that has no teeth or jaw, crooked nose, and has died twice. You absolutely cannot get rid of this one. He is immortal.

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We can never have enough of dogs on TikTok, but lets turn to humans now. This grandpa is 99 years old and has survived the Depression, World War Two, 80 years in show business, as well COVID-19. I guess we know what his super power is!

Then there are teens using this clip in front of their parents who think they will move out once they are above 18 #lol. They are not going anywhere.

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if my mom dies i die no cap


Which pet, family member, or friend do you think this audio clip or attitude suits best? Tag them in the comments below!