TikTok: ‘Dog eats edible’ cannabis video goes viral – is it dangerous?

Screenshot, TikTok, @Heckinnic

There is a new trend on TikTok where people are filming their dog’s reactions to accidentally eating edibles.


My dog ate my edible and is currently still high as hell but she’s okay #fly

♬ I just did a bad thing bill wurtz – Cam

What is an edible?

An ‘edible’ is a food product that contains Cannabis. They can often be baked goods, commonly found in brownies.

What is happening on TikTok?

According to may TikTok videos, users are finding that their dogs have found their edibles somewhere that they had stashed them away, and are eating them. The users are then filming their canine friend’s reactions to consuming the drugged treats. Most of these videos have been going viral, as vets and animal care individuals flock to the comments.

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How are people reacting?

Most users on TikTok find it absolutely hilarious, with one commenting ‘bro is that a real animal lol’ and another commenting ‘LMAO THE DOGS FACE’.

However, some people are not too keen on the videos with one saying “It’s really not that funny guys, I’m an emergency vet and it’s not”. While other people feel sorry for the animals, saying ‘awwwww his little face’. The reality is that Cannabis is very dangerous for dogs, and although these videos are funny, do not try it with your dogs at home.

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