What is the Real Shadowbanned Meaning on TikTok?


What does shadowbanned mean on tiktok? Just because your videos have substantially declined in their views, likes, and comments, you suspect it is a shadow ban.

TikTok admins admit they monitor their users pretty firmly to ensure that feeds are clean and fit for users. They’re constantly ensuring that TikTok content creators don’t break any of their community guidelines.

Things to look for if you feel you’re shadowbanned.

You will noticeably receive less engagement than usual. According to Robert Benjamin, your “for you” traffic source appears as 0%. But, if it shows one percent or two percent, you might as well think you’ve given out lousy content and that you’re not really shadowbanned.

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Things you should do after knowing shadowbanned meaning on Tiktok.

1. Take time to read their community guidelines and do your best not to violate a single of them.

Their community guidelines include violent extremism, hateful behavior, illegal activities and regulated goods, violent and graphic content, suicide, self-harm, dangerous acts, harassment and bullying, adult nudity and sexual activities, minor safety, integrity, and authenticity platform security.

2. Don’t use a VPN.

Yes, it will help you get the audience you want, but it can also risk your TikTok account for shadowban. If you wish for an audience from a different country, you can buy a foreign sim card. 

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3. Don’t fake engagement.

TikTok will effortlessly inflate the number of views and engagement to keep people engaged and addicted if your content is excellent. Thus, focus on creating valuable content so you won’t need to fake likes, comments, and views.

4. Don’t delete many videos in one sitting.

TikTok’s admin might get the impression you’ve violated their community guidelines, and you’re getting away from it.

5. Don’t mass private your videos.

Again, making your videos private all at once is giving TikTok a wrong impression.

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6. Don’t use copyrighted content.

Among Tiktok’s community guidelines are integrity and authenticity. Once they figure out you’re using copyrighted content, your views will be suppressed.

Things you can do if you’re shadowbanned. 

Now that you learned shadowbanned meaning on TikTok and you discovered you’re really partially blocked, take a look at the following step:

  1. Appeal to TikTok admin. Don’t message them more than once a day. Politely ask them why you were shadowbanned.
  2. Only post once a day. Repost your best content. Or publish content you know of value and would go viral. Don’t take a break from posting
  3. Create a new account. Make sure not to engage between the two accounts