Meet Cale Brown on TikTok – age, job and where he’s from!

Screenshot,TikTok @calebrownn
Screenshot, TikTok - @calebrownn

Cale Brown is famous on TikTok with over 1.6 million followers, and posts regular dance videos in funny outfits. Fans want to know more about the TikTok heartthrob!

We found out what Cale does for a living, where he’s from, and some of the stories behind his viral dance routines.

Who is Cale Brown?

While Cale Brown’s exact age is not disclosed, it is clear that he has left education and is able to travel around the world for work. So we assume that the the TikTok star is in his twenties.

He posted his first TikTok in July 2020 and already has 1.6 million followers. The video was of his friend cliff-jumping with the caption, ‘sendin with the boys’. Some of his videos feature friends but most are of him dancing by himself. Fans praise his dancing skills and funny attitude.

Where is he from?

Cale’s TikTok bio reads, ‘Stay classy Scranton’ so it is highly likely that he is from Scranton in Pennsylvania. The quote us a nod to the film, Anchorman, because Ron Burgundy, the character played by Will Ferrel, always signs off his news reports saying ‘Stay classy, San Diego’.

It is possible that Cale bases his online persona off this character as he has a similar hairstyle and carefree presence. However, he has also filmed himself doing a dancing duet with Napoleon Dynamite in scenes from the famous film. The TikTok star clearly enjoys parodying famous film characters.

What is his job?

Cale Brown is a photographer and videographer, and his work Instagram has a very different aesthetic to his TikTok account. He uses Instagram to post wildlife photography and pictures of beautiful scenery.

Cale’s travel photography features images from Fiji, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Oahu and more. He only has 32k followers on this account, proving that his fans are primarily interested in his entertaining and impressive dance moves.