50 Funny TikTok usernames not yet taken

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When you make a new or another account on TikTok, it feels like all of the funny TikTok usernames are already taken.

But instead of using an overly used username with a random number, consider the following TikTok username ideas if you are aiming for a funny one.

One of the ways you can instantly bring a smile to a lot of random strangers is by having a funny username. It is also a great way to make the best first impression. Showcase your witty side by choosing one of the following funny and rare usernames.

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Funny TikTok usernames

  1. frostednuts
  2. whydoIhavetodoit
  3. builttotallydifferent
  4. noyousuck
  5. RuleFollower
  6. justshadowbanme
  7. whatdoesthisdo
  8. everythingbagelwithvegancreamcheese
  9. Nahthatsnotmystyle
  10. Thisiskindaboring
  11. thatsnotmyfault
  12. what_does_this_button_do
  13. currentlyusingthisname
  14. Avocadorable
  15. notmyidea
  16. GenZWarrior
  17. viewer_discretion_advised
  18. thisismyname
  19. doilookcoolyet
  20. Notreallyhere
  21. DoIhavetobehere
  22. MrsDracoMalfoy
  23. didyouthinkIwantedthis
  24. MrsStyles
  25. champain
  26. thatsnotmyidea
  27. severusvape
  28. smelly.oatmeal
  29. donttellmymomIwashere
  30. fedora_the_explora
  31. oksowhatdoIdonow
  32. thisisthehillIwilldieon
  33. AspiringInfluencer
  34. WhodoIhavetopaytogetoutofhere
  35. (Yourname)_not_exotic
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Clever usernames not yet taken

  1. IamtehOPrah
  2. stopcopyingmyname
  3. justgoaway
  4. Yesthisisreallymyname
  5. Insertfirstnamehere
  6. notmyname
  7. YellowSnowman
  8. googlewasactuallymyidea
  9. NoIamnotkidding
  10. doyourealythinkIwouldtellyoumyname
  11. oprahwindfury
  12. dontshootme
  13. HairyPoppins
  14. anonymouse
  15. fast_and_the_curious

Good luck in your username hunt. If you find that the one you like is taken up, you can switch the first half of one username with the second half of some other username. Try switching it up like that and see what you get.